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Severance has US Custom Bond Authority

Severance Trucking's U.S.Custom bond authority means that Severance can handle bonded shipments to and from the U.S.. Severance also offers a custom bonded terminal.

Scheduled Dispatches

Severance utilizes a number of carriers to Canada. We match your shipment to a quality carrier that services that area best, and are able to provide quality service at a discounted price. Your freight is not handled in break bulk stations like the larger carries have but smaller regional centers. Often freight is delivered from the same truck we load it on in Dracut, MA. This minimizes damages and shortages and reduces delivery times. If you have shipments to Ontario or Quebec call Severance and let us put our resources to work for you.

Quality carriers and reduced transit times

Why settle for a carrier who only has only one interliner contact? Why not use Severance who is able to choose the very best carriers available for you. We can choose from our list of carriers that provide superior service to any point in Canada. We don't have to rely on a single carrier that may not service that point directly, have combination rates, or delays in service time. Severance offers the best of both worlds.

Trans-Border Service

When it comes to expedited Customer clearance, Severance is a step ahead of your shipment. Even before your shipment arrives at the U.S. / Canada border, the broker involved has your documents and the pre-clearance process is underway. Using technology-based methods of Customs release such as PARS, we transmit your export documents ahead and work with the broker to speed clearance of your shipment. By doing this we hope to eliminate any delays, additional handling and increased cost of inland clearances. We put our resources to work for you!